Let`s talk monochrome?


Ciao friends! I can call you my friends, right? Let`s talk about something more personal today and stay strong forever, please.

The past year I have tried to be strong, confident and love myself not just till the moon, to be honest, to the moon and more because I have come to a conclusion that I have to love myself in order to others love me and see me the way that I am. It is a hard, hard job which I do every single day of my life but I love it. I love to work with myself, with my mind, with my thoughts. Just to see how I can control my own mind. We are so unique and we have to stay that way and we shouldn`t be ashamed of ourselves..


I am proud of myself, of who I have become.. I grow day by day and I like to look back on myself, on my trips, on my past – just to see where I am now.

I started it all by talking to myself, to my family about this.. about me feeling down about myself. I started counting all the good things and good traits that I have and that I have forgotten because of the people who have let me down or tried to take me down. I have put myself back on the line where I know that I am a fantastic human being and I deserve to be happy. Happiness is what makes it all real and good. I love to see happy, strong, confident, of course, sometimes depressive, sad, confused people around me because I can relate all my feelings and emotions to them.


Let`s love ourselves. Cherish ourselves. Be honest to ourselves. And talk real!

Photos by Nils Butēvics