Hi, my dear readers. Day by day I think about beauty and make-up industry, how does it make me feel, how I feel about make-up, what is important for me and so on. So today you will be able to read just a small part of me talking about this topic. If you want more, let me know, hehe.

I remember being little and playing around with my mums and sisters make-up. I remember using lipsticks as pencils (that just sounds wrong but I loved exploring, hehe) and blushers using as a some kind of background tones. Then I realized that make-up is cool and you can create so many looks with it, even if I was using it only on paper. Our face is a canvas where we can freely experiment with shades and different products.


I love make-up, I love wearing it, I love messing around with it and creating new looks but sometimes I do have those days when I feel like not having anything on my face. During the winter time I have noticed that my skin feels so, so dry so I try to avoid using any make-up. Of course, If I am filming or going to meeting or an event then I am using at least BB cream and some blusher but I do not feel ashamed walking around with “bare” face.


In my opinion, we should encourage each other with the choices that we make, have a strong bond! I have met some people that are so judgmental about make-up, sometimes I have heard such comments as “Maybe if you would not wear make-up your skin would be much better, like mine”. At that point I started to think – How can someone say such cruel things like that? Is that person a dermatologist? Are our skins the same? We all are different and everything happens differently on each body.. I know what kind of products I use, how much and how often I use them and that`s it. I do not owe any explanations to anyone. Since that day I have been stronger about my choices, about the make-up and my opinion on this BIG topic! If I want to wear foundation and shadows all day long – I will do it and nobody will stop me!


I think this is quite important topic which will always be popular. Make-up and cosmetics have been around since the Ancient times and it is still here and people love it! On this particular day I went out using only BB cream which really moisturizes my face as it is very dry. Of course, little shading to my brows and I was ready to go. For every person it is totally different – one likes to use foundation, one likes BB cream, one enjoys wearing red lips on Monday morning, someone else goes for nude tones = we all are different but we ALL are BEAUTIFUL!


My point is that we should not be embarrassed or feel bad for liking make-up or for feeling like it has not been made for you! We all are beautiful, we all are different and we should remember that!

Photos by Nils Butēvics

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