My All Time Favorite Make-Up Products for A Natural Base


Buenas dias! If you have been following me around for a while now then you would have noticed that I love to create this natural-girly look on my face, hehe. I love to use different kind of products to achieve this look so today I will talk little bit more about them.





  • For primer I love to use this one from AVON, Mark By Avon, which works perfectly on my dry skin, blends nicely with foundation and other products that I like to use after priming my skin.


  • Foundation GOD is the one and only Liquid HD Coverage foundation from Catrice Cosmetics which is like the HOLY grail of mine. It blends super smoothly – with beauty blender, brush or fingers. Has this flawless finish and looks natural, which I really like. Also, this product is cruelty free and is super affordable, you can get it in drugstores.


  • Of course, I have to mention the Galaxy Highlighter from Catrice Cosmetics which illuminates my cheekbones so nicely, oh my! And, I like to use from time to time after the primer, just to give my skin that extra glow. Needless to say that this bad boy also is cruelty free and you can get it in any drugstore.


  • Time for some concealing.. For this part I have been in love with the Camouflage concealer from Essence. I like that this product has a nice consistency, it glides on my skin so smoothly and leaves me with no dark under eyes, hehe, which we all enjoy not having! Essence Cosmetics is also cruelty free and this is a drugstore product!


  • When that`s done I go in for my Chubby stick from Clinique which I have been using for years now. This product never dissapoints me, it always leaves me with the perfect contour and the right shade. Very easy to use as it is a stick that you simply roll in and out.


  • The last part is to add just a little bit more of a highlight and for this step I use Wonderful Cushion that I got from Sephora. It was super affordable, it lasts for ever, it has a lovely scent, good structure and stays for a good amount of time on my skin. Nothing to complain about.


  • When I`m done with all liquids I take the Get Picture Ready contouring palette from Essence Cosmetics and apply the lightest shade on my oily areas, such as nose, chin, forehead and under eyes. With the middle shade I mark my forehead, jaw line and nose, just to give a little shape, hehe. Works perfectly and stays on my face for the whole day!


  • Now my face is all matt and ready for some blush. This must be one of my favorites. The shade is so cute and it works perfectly with the rest of the products. This baby is also from Essence Cosmetics. It is super matt and it is easy to apply with brush or even fingers.


  • And for the finishing touch I apply tiny amount of the Strobing Highlighter which is from Essence Cosmetics. For this step I use only fan brush and put my hand so lightly on my skin that it barely touches it. It leaves me with smooth and glowy finish.



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