Gel Manicure At Home With Studios DIDIER

Oh, May has already arrived and I feel even more energized as I know that Summer is just around the corner (literally around the corner, hehe). As we know Spring and Summer makes us dress more vibrant and the same goes for our manicure, at least this is what happens with me. I feel super happy to show you guys how I do my gel nails at home using just few products!


Usually I start the whole thing with chipping my nails and making them short. I do like short nails, I feel comfortable with them and makes everything much easier. For that I use this nail chipper and nail file. Of course, you can use any nail file but this one came with the set. And, I never forget about cuticles. For that I like to use this cuticle remover.

When I`m done and my nails are ready then I take the little cotton pad and apply tiny amount of Studios Didier Dehydrator. This way the surface of the nails are clean and the nail plate is prepped for a better adhesion with the gel polish.


Now the nails are SO ready so I can begin the interesting part. First step is to apply Studios Didier Gel Polish Base Coat which is so easy to apply. I do apply this Base Coat on all nails at once because it does not dry so quickly. I tend to apply a thin layer of the polish and then put the nails under the Studios Didier UV lamp and I keep them there for 60 seconds (do the same for the other hand).


When my nails are prepped it is time to apply one of the Studios Didier Gel Polishes that has a color. As I do love nude and brown tones this time I went for Iced Cappucino (8ml). I go for a thin layer and try to paint it all over the surface to have it very smooth and clean. Again – put them under the lamp for 60 seconds and do the same for the other hand. With this polish I do the same – I paint all nails at once and then put them together under the lamp. I do this two times to have darker and thicker effect. Have to mention that they have a big selection of tones, Studios Didier One Step polishes seems like a great choice for cool nails.



So we have come to the finale – the Studios Didier Top Coat No Wipe. I love the fact that this polish does not need the after wipe. You apply think layer of the top coat, put the nails under the lamp for another 60 seconds and you are ready to go. They are not sticky and everything is great.


About the taking off part. That may seem to be very hard but here nothing is hard, hehe. To start the taking off process all you need to have is – cotton pads, acetone, foil and a wooden stick. With this Studios Didier starter pack I already had all these things. I apply the acetone on the pad and put it on the nail, then take the foil and wrap it all around the nail. Usually I wait for 10 minutes and take it off. Then the little stick comes in – I try to push away the polish and nails seem very clean. If something is still left on the surface I use the nail file to take it off.


My nails feel good and still has the same thickness that they had before. I try to be very gentle with them during the taking off process so I do not do any damage to them. You can always find a video on YouTube where girls show the whole process but for me this seems very easy and good option for gel nails at home.

Have to say, that these edgy and vibrant colors are just too good to be true, hehe!


You can get all these products at any Drogas shop or shop online.

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