H e l l o ! It has been two weeks since the last article and I`m back with something new, hehe! Read on to see what has been happening with me lately!


The last couple of months have been probably the best months in my entire life (of course, I loved the year of my wedding but this is something way more exciting, he). I have been busy with filming new videos, working on my things and preparing myself to be a MOTHER. Sounds crazy but yes, I`m pregnant and I am so hyped about this chapter of my life.

I want to say that my blog won`t change, it will be the same as it has always been and I will continue to film videos as well, this is what I enjoy and this is actually my work, so no stopping from this. Sharing my all time fave things with you all is my passion, this is what makes me happy and makes my day to come true! I am so pleased that I have you all as my readers! Muah! 🙂


This particular evening we decided to go for an evening walk, we do love to walk around quite a lot, especially during these warm evenings. In Riga there is this super cool spot where you may find benches, fields of stones and few trees, hehe. We decided to stop and take some photos as the lighting was pretty nice. And as a matter of a fact, these are my new shorts and I had to archive them for the blog too, hehe!

I have always been a big, big fan of stripes, I do not think that it will ever change, I think that I will dress my little seed in striped clothes too, hehe. But yeah these shorts are super thin and free, I feel comfy and good while wearing them. I would say that they have the perfect length and they do not push hard on the tummy.


Bright lips, a little messy bun and cool sunnies – this is what I love about summer! I really like to wear bright lipstick because that way I feel more confident and beautiful. I think that every woman/girl should never be afraid of bright and vibrant colors! We all are beautiful and we deserve to do whatever we want! Talking about sunnies. My husband spotted them a while ago in Parfois, at that moment they had a 20% sale so I took the chance and got them for a great deal! Little button earrings are from the local market, only 5eur, can you imagine?


Overall I want to say that I feel happy with the life that I have. I think that all of my dreams are finally coming true (but they are taking baby steps). I have achieved so much and so much more is to come! Roll on Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer etc. I am ready!


Photos by Nils Butēvics

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