Easy, Breezy, PREGGO

Hey, ho! June is here and Summer feels so good!

IMG_564017th of June, evening, local park near our apartment. It has been a while since the last photo shoot so finally we got our powers together and decided to do one just here, in the park. Location seemed great, as everything is so green and weather is beautifully warm.


Not going to lie – every day I feel more and more happy with my life. I feel like a cherry blossom that blossoms and smells so magnificent. I can be happy for no reason or for the smallest one, maybe those are the preggo hormones or maybe I have changed since I know that soon I will be a mom – or maybe I am already? How does it work? Anyway, life is great but some days I feel like I will cry out my eyes. You will ask “WHY?”. Oh, the answer is simple and funny at the same time.

In these photos you may think that I look good, the outfit is on point (That is how I feel about this look, haha) and that my life seems amazing. But, I have to stop here and tell you guys that pregnancy is not an easy thing in life. Yes, I feel the little seed growing inside of me, I get the perks – all the people around me (friends and family members) are taking care of me and really look that I feel good, I have better skin and I feel more happier overall but some days I feel like a massive pumpkin in the middle of nowhere.. I feel like I do not blend in as I feel huge.


And then there is the problem with clothes. I feel that there is nothing that will fit me or look good on my body. My husband is my soulmate and he really tries to calm me down and say the right things but I tend not to listen, stubborn right? But what can I do.. That is just how I sometimes feel. I guess that is normal. I have read articles where woman share how they have felt or feel during pregnancy and the feelings are quite similar. I have to say that these feelings do not last very long. The next minute I find what to wear and I love myself all over again, hehe! I am amazed by the hormones and mood swings!


This outfit, this combination makes me feel good and beautiful. I really like to wear dresses and over them a t-shirt and tie it in a knot. I have seen many mums wear something like this on Pinterest or Instagram and I thought that I should give it a go! Well, this really works for me. I wear all dresses this way and I love it, he! Also, I have noticed that I have fallen in love with white. I have so many white t-shirts since I am pregnant. I really do like the company of white.


About the bump.. All is going well. I am in the 5th month and the belly is growing pretty fast, not going to lie. I was shocked when the other day I looked in the mirror and I saw how big it is already and that I am only halfway there, hehe! I feel blessed to have this little one in me. I have started to talk with the baby and letting him or her know that we really love it and can not wait to hold him or her in our arms.


A little sidekick for the accessories, haha! Purchased this purse from Parfois a while ago as we had to attend my friends wedding. I really love this cute and feathery bag. It is quite spacious and looks good with all sorts of things – jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts.. you name the item. Super happy about my find!

Thank you guys for following me around, for being on this journey with me! I do appreciate every comment and every positive vibe given from you! And I am sooo glad that Summer has come early this year. I love to have some vitamin D and get my skin more tanned, hehe!


Photos by Nils Butēvics

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